Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Berenang di lautan kekeliruan

Mcm yg da t'tulis kt title 2..dgn duka citanya m'umumkan bhwa aku dlm k'keliruan..Syukur pd Allah sbb angrhkn aku 1 hrpn yg bsr untuk jd slh sorg medical staf ..aku dpt twrn SPA dlm..tuuuut..rhsia,, yg m'btkn aku b'fkir 2 kli tu,,sbbny kn tyme aku intrview 2 sma trikh ngn aku 1st exam..cna 2? emmmmmmmm..sdih yg ptt aku bt?solat istikharah?emmmmmm,,moga2 Allah pertemukan aku dengan jalan penyelesaian..AMIN..n moga2 aku n kwn2 ku yg len dpt lulus dlm tmudga ini..AMIN..

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Maybe it is the right choice to take her back..Rob

Now we have receive one good news for us twi hard..according to source that we trust..they r on their way to be back the meantime,,Kstew take a counseling to heal her heart and take responsible on her cheated gossip..she said that only Rob can cure her wounded heart by taking her back as her lover.. besides,she wants to give Rob a babies because she truly in love with him..In Rob position..he had been saw meeting with Kstew  in private to settle their problem..despite they have never confess their reunion YET..but all of their fans including me,hope to see them achive their happiness forever as in Twilight.. : D

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Robsten r trying to work things out

Robsten have been reported to be back together..they are in their way 2 have a full reconciled..i am the one who very happy to know,huhu..they both stay together in same house again,,beside..they will walk in red carpet both again in promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2 that will coming soon..don't you get exited robsten fans? may it can heal everyone hurt feelings yeyeh ^ ^...can't wait to watch final BD,,and now we know that every cloud has a silver's ending with fly colour u guyz,,huuu

They R back TOGETHER??

Robsten r back tghtr?a sources told that they can't live wthout each othr..and it seems that they want to live in their love nest in L.A that rumors true? i hope so..cuz it hurt 2 see them suffer together,,huhu..and to cover up robert's broken heart..he bck 2 his option in singing field..u also can check it out in youtube,, his voice is soo mesmerize my soul..huhu..that all 4 today robsten fans..babai..

Saturday, 15 September 2012

OMG..there r new claim that Kstew affair was fake..

New video has been publish shows that Kstew was blackmail in her scandal gossip..but i guess it is juz 2 make rob 2 think twice about their relationship again..the question is..are the video will make an enough prove 2 claim that Kstew INNOCENT? well,robsten fans what say you? i hve my own opinion..if she did not do it..why should she admit it in front the world? and if she innocent why she don't say a word?[not to provoc but we also can see the truth..{if i'm not mistaken}

My Heart BROKE since They didn't make it together

Rpatz & Kstew r well known as bez couple evr..didn't twi hard? but you ol..since Kstew has cheated on her ex..i'm the one who dissapointed the most..its  gud 2 see them might be possible since Rpatz sister did not want that to happen..why she dare 2 done such thing 2 Rpatz? i could not see the problem perfect rob to her..there is nthng can defeat rob's love..but WYH?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Titisan Dari Dakapan Kelabu

= . = Mlm ne at laz..ujan gak..sjuk nya m'gigit woo..smpai ke tlg htm..haha
u guyz..nxt wek aku ngn genk pra U akn rdy2 2k our exam sem1..there's are butterfly in my stomach..haha..hrp2 dpt la imprve ckt bhs arb aku 2..klu x sbb nk ambik syariah..huh,,xda la nk hmpas pulas stdy arb..[cewah...yeke] *.*..neway..sesapa yg sudi doakn is my pleasure u ol..k

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twi-Hard of me

Msti suma member tw kn muve ne..4 u ol infrmation,,i'm soo obses wth thiz muve..^ ^
i wish i could hve a vampire boyfrnd 2..hehe..( dun be angry my precious) ehe...
ne ada one of their Ost..enjoy

Malam yang memeluk awan

:D,,U all..mlm ne aku rsa kt cni nk ujan la..huhu cuz pns sgt..actly i'm not rly gud at writing any cmprhnsion..mybe this kind of actvty will help me improving thiz side of acdmic..hehe..

p\s..for those who want some suggestion in stdy..i can help you ol..cewah..huhu..nope..actly we can learn hand in hand togthr..this advrtsmnt is juz 4 scndry school..heee


Peace be opn 2 eu all..i'm newy in this field..neway its so exiting 2 be wif eu all here..
sila tnjuk ajr pd sya yg msh bru..^ ^..