Friday, 18 January 2013


Assalamualaikum pals..and monink..recently i'm had a lot of made me got a big headache,,hehe,,well not juz that the reasons my campus i fell a bit annoying with my p#inc^pl@ and also the tea*h#r too,,like hellooo..they doesn't want my batch to exist in this nonsns in the world they being jelez with our remarkable treat from our prof..why should  them?? smebdy that not important in my life,,like yuks..they always ignoring our nessecery,,always hate us for being soo special in this medium..always unsatisfied with us,,heyy don't they realize that we belong to free and not like blame by any of our junior fault,,its not fair!!!,,we have tried our bez we could,,but its nothing!! matter what we do or did,,that was always being wrong in their eyes,,may one day we can prove 2 them that we are not empty can but we are VICTORIAN....

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